1. One DisplayPort to Multiple Displays: How MST is Changing the Way We Connect External Displays


    With the introduction of new devices with fewer ports, MST has become a beacon of hope for users looking to utilize multiple external monitors in their setups.  DisplayPort v1.2 (introduced in 2009) gives users the ability to utilize MST functionality which was developed by VESA. Being able to view multiple applications is crucial to work productivity and multitasking.  MST allows users to view multiple excel sheets, browser windows and emails through multiple external displays.

    How MST works:


    MST functionality can be used in two different ways: through an MST hub or Daisy-Chaining displays.


    An MST hub configuration utilizes an external MST hub which is connected to a single DisplayP

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  2. Why Do We Need HDMI Extenders?

    HDMI has replaced older analog video solutions and has provided an easier, more efficient way to transmit audio and video data. It is one of the core components of multimedia systems and it is hard to imagine ever going back to analog. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

    Problem 1:

    HDMI cables are the most familiar hardware and we love their simplicity. However, as with anything, HDMI cables have their downfalls. In this particular case, we will focus on distance.

    HDMI cables lose effectiveness and reliability at certain lengths. 50 feet is generally known as the max distance you would consider using an HDMI cable, but it isn’t recommended to use an HDMI cable over 30 feet. Even after 15 feet, HDMI cables are more prone to signal degradation, leading to blinking, loss of signal, or snowy dots on the screen. HDMI cables 50 feet and over can prove to be very costly and are often

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  3. Pros and Cons of Wireless HDMI Extenders

    You just learned using an HDMI extender, AKA “Balun”, is the most cost-efficient way to extend HDMI video and audio to remote and distant locations. Now you’re scouring the internet for the right extender and come across a wireless HDMI extender. Sounds interesting.

    What is a Wireless HDMI Extender?

    Wireless HDMI involves transmitting HD video and audio from your source device, such as a cable box, Blue-Ray player, or laptop, to a TV, monitor, or projector, wirelessly. With a traditional HDMI extender, a transmitter and receive

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  4. How Does an HDMI Extender Work?

    How Does an HDMI Extender Work?


    How does an HDMI extender work?

    Typical connections from an HDMI source such as a Blu-ray player or satellite box to an HDMI display would be an HDMI cable. Unfortunately, the downside to an HDMI cable is there is a limit to how far HDMI data can be transmitted. The theoretical limit is 50 feet, and it’s incredibly rare to find an HDMI cable over 25 feet. In addition, Longer HDMI cables can be pretty expensive.

    The solution is to use an HDMI extender.  These devices will convert the HDMI signal to something that can sustain the high bandwidth required over a longer distance. One of the most accessible transmission methods is using serial communication over Cat 5, 6 or 7 Ethernet cable. HDMI would be transported over Ethernet Cat 5e / 6 / 7 cables using an HDMI Extender over Cat cable. An HDMI Extender over Cat 5e / 6 / 7 cables consists of a Transmitter

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  5. What is HDBaseT?

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  6. 10 Tips To Choose The Best CAT Cable For Your HDMI Extender

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  7. Overview and Benefits of HDBaseT HDMI Extenders

    HDBaseT HDMI Extenders

    gofanco has released a line of HDBaseT HDMI Extenders that deliver powerful audio/video signals and gives consumers a better solution for their AV setups.


    What is HDBaseT Technology?

    Since its introduction in 2010, HDBaseT has become the de-facto connectivity standard for AV transmission of UHD video & audio, Ethernet, USB, controls, and long-distance transmission over Cat5e/6/7 cables. With HDBaseT technology, we have seen better performance than previous solutions, richer feature sets, and increased reach. The HDBaseT Alliance is a group of industry organizations such as LG, Samsung, and Sony who promote HDBaseT as an industry standard. The foundation of HDBaseT technology is 5Play.

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  8. Installation Guide Video to HDMI Over IP Extender Kit (HDbitTExt)

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  9. Play Game in 4K While Capturing Gameplay with El Gato in 1080p

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  10. How To Extend HDMI Signal To Multiple Displays with HDMI Extender Splitter

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