1. Audio Visual and Connectivity Solutions for Your Conference Room

    Audio Visual and Connectivity Solutions for Your Conference Room

    The conference room is, in most cases, the most demanding location in the office when it comes to audio-visual performance. Whether projecting PowerPoint meetings, distributing volume during speeches, or visually demonstrating new products or services, conference rooms always require immense AV needs to ensure every meeting or consultation goes as smoothly as possible.

    That’s why AV equipment and connectivity are important factors to consider when setting up a conference room. There are vast AV equipment options, each with its benefits and drawbacks. To get the most out of your AV setup, it is crucial to understand which AV equipment is best suited for your applications and how they all connect with one another.

    Here are a few

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  2. Choosing the Best Audio System for Your Restaurant

    Choosing the Best Audio System for Your Restaurant
    Looking to enhance the quality of your restaurant’s audio setup? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the best audio system for your restaurant.
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  3. CASE STUDY: AV Solutions for Dental Offices

    CASE STUDY: AV Solutions for Dental Offices

    Here’s a case study on AV solutions for dental offices, from TVs and digital signage in the lobby to monitors and speakers in every room.

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  4. 4 Tips for Troubleshooting HDMI Splitters

    HDMI Splitter

    Having connectivity or performance issues with your HDMI splitter setup? Check out these four tips for troubleshooting HDMI splitters for your next AV installation project.

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  5. Is It Time to Upgrade Your Commercial AV Equipment?

    Is It Time to Upgrade Your Commercial AV Equipment?
    Think your office or workplace should reassess its audio-visual setup? Here are a few signs to know when it’s time to upgrade your commercial AV equipment!
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  6. Video Capture Devices Troubleshooting Guide

    PRO-Capture Series Devices Troubleshooting Guide

    1. Make sure the HDMI output from source is NOT HDCP protected. The capture device requires non HDCP signal to work.

    2. Is the Camera set to 1080p or below? Capture device could not handle the resolution above 1080p60. 1080i sources are not supported.

    - Connect your camera to a monitor directly to make sure your HDMI is working properly.

    - Connect the camera to a

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  7. 1x4 Wireless HDMI Extender Configuration

    1x4 Wireless HDMI Extender Configuration

    Would you like to wirelessly extend an HDMI signal to 4 distant TVs simultaneously?

    There is a demand for a 1x4 wireless HDMI extender splitter configuration, but you will have difficulties finding a full kit to serve this purpose.

    This resource is intended to show you how a configuration of gofanco devices can allow you to achieve just that.

    So, let’s dive right in.

    What you will need:

    • 1 x PRO-HDRsplit2P
    • 2 x HDwirelessMulti
    • 2 x HDwireless-RX
    • 7 x HDMI cables

    HDwirelessMulti is the wireless HDMI e

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  8. What is PoE and PoC? (and Why You Need It!)

    In this short post, you will learn what Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and Power Over Cable (PoC) are and how they can benefit your AV set up, whether it be security cameras or outdoor TVs.

    More and more AV installers and residential users are turning to PoE and PoC equipment to provide power to remote areas where power outlets aren’t available and running long power cords is inconvenient.

    PoE and PoC are both based on the same principle of simultaneously providing both data and power over the same cable from one device to another.

    What is Power Over Ethernet?

    Power over Ethernet, commonly known as PoE, is a technology used to pass electrical power long with data (video and audio from HDMI or other) over CAT 5e/6/6a/7 Ethernet cabling from one device to another. It is standardized to adhere to a specific v

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  9. What is HDbitT? (and Benefits)

    What is HDbitT? (and Benefits)

    HDbitT is a popular AV over IP industry standard protocol for video transmission and digital connectivity. HDbitT stands for High-Definition Digital bit Transmission Technology and is a relatively new protocol used in residential and commercial Audio/Video over IP delivery applications; such as: home theater, custom installations, digital signage, video conferencing, and collaboration integration.

    HDbitT enables high-definition audio/video up to [email protected] transmission via network cables, fiber optics, power lines cables, wireless, and more transmission mediums. It provides stable performance, better image clarity, further transmission distance, and other advantages compared to older protocols.

    HDbitT’s goal is to revolutionize the AV industry to help manufacturers, l

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  10. Wireless HDMI is the Future of Conference Room Sharing

    Wireless HDMI is the Future of Conference Room Sharing

    Huddle or small meeting rooms where 2-10 employees meet to discuss projects, share reports, or brainstorm, move more efficiently with a content sharing solution. It should cater to a variety of presenters and media to operate simply and smoothly, so that a highly collaborative environment is created.

    These meetings involve displaying presentations or other content on a big screen like a projector or HDTV, from multiple laptops. It can be messy and time consuming to plug and unplug HDMI cables to connect different sources and is an inconvenience to set up your laptop right next to the big screen.

    Wireless HDMI

    Wireless HDMI is a simple and cost-effective way to modernize your meeting room without having to deal with expensive or complicated installations. Wirelessly pass video and audio from a laptop or other HDMI source to your TV or projector by connecting a transmitter to the laptop and the receiver to the TV or projector.

    Wireless HDMI allows your

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