• - Cat5e/6/7 cables will work with our HDMI or audio extenders; however, you may not get the same quality out of them.
  • - Cat 5 cables are better for analog extenders, but NOT for digital transmission such as HDMI extenders. DO NOT USE CAT 5 CABLES!
  • - It is recommended to use at least a Cat 6 cable for any set up to ensure quality and to get the most out of your HDMI extender.
  • - A 100% Pure Copper Cat 6 cable is the preferred cable and will provide the best results.
  • - Keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the shorter the distance it will get. You can extend the distance by using high quality Cat cables such as Cat6/6a/7.
  • - Don’t use longer cables than necessary, as the longer the cable is, the more likely it is to lose quality.
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