HDMI has replaced older analog video solutions and has provided an easier, more efficient way to transmit audio and video data. It is one of the core components of multimedia systems and it is hard to imagine ever going back to analog. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

Problem 1:

HDMI cables are the most familiar hardware and we love their simplicity. However, as with anything, HDMI cables have their downfalls. In this particular case, we will focus on distance.

HDMI cables lose effectiveness and reliability at certain lengths. 50 feet is generally known as the max distance you would consider using an HDMI cable, but it isn’t recommended to use an HDMI cable over 30 feet. Even after 15 feet, HDMI cables are more prone to signal degradation, leading to blinking, loss of signal, or snowy dots on the screen. HDMI cables 50 feet and over can prove to be very costly and are often hit or miss

HDMI_Sparkles_Why we need hdmi extenders

Luckily, HDMI extenders are here to replace untrustworthy, long HDMI cables, and provide you with a reliable solution.

Problem 2:

Media needs to be everywhere nowadays. In the mall, in doctor’s lobbies, on your patio, in houses of worship, on the sideline of sports matches, in bathrooms, in elevators. Everywhere you go, chances are, some sort of media will meet you there.  But we rarely actually see the source from where the media is coming from.

HDMI source equipment should be kept in a secure location, where it can be monitored and controlled. Keeping the HDMI source out of sight keeps it safe from thieves or damage. In addition, it results in a cleaner, tidier environment for the display. Even in home theater settings, keeping AV equipment in a media closet is becoming more popular, because it eliminates a crowded, unappealing TV stand, and can eliminate the need for TV furniture all together.

TV on Wall, Why we need hdmi extenders

But how is this made possible? The simplest and most probable answer is the HDMI extender. HDMI extenders have become more important than ever with the advancement of technology and the demand for advanced audio/video installations. That is why we need them!  Check out how HDMI extenders work, here. Need help choosing the right HDMI extender for you? Watch our video!