PRO-Capture Series Devices Troubleshooting Guide

1. Make sure the HDMI output from source is NOT HDCP protected. The capture device requires non HDCP signal to work.

2. Is the Camera set to 1080p or below? Capture device could not handle the resolution above 1080p60. 1080i sources are not supported.

- Connect your camera to a monitor directly to make sure your HDMI is working properly.

- Connect the camera to a 1080p monitor and check the resolution and see if any overlay on the picture

- Cancel the display information from camera, and see if the picture is cropped or fuzzy?

3. Make sure the cameras power is always ON. Some cameras are set to battery saving mode which cause them turn off after so much inactivity.

4. Please use the included USB cable. Other USB cable might have compatibility issue with the capture device.

5. We recommend USB 3.0 only. USB 2.0 is not recommended due to a compatibility issue.

6. After connecting the capture device to your PC, please make sure the capture device is properly recognized by your PC:

-For Windows PC, open your device manager, expand “Camera” , “USB Video Capture” should show up with no errors and warnings

-For Mac, open “About This Mac”, click on System Reports button, click “Camera”, a “USB Video Capture” should show up.

-if you do not see the above, try update your OS to the latest version, or contact us

7. Recommended System : (this is the standard suggestion listed on the manual)

- Windows® 7(SP1) / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

- PC: Intel® CoreTM i5-4440 3.10GHz + NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or higher

- Laptop: Intel® Core i7-4810MQ + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M or higher (4GB RAM or higher)

8. It’s recommended that a 5 meter of shorter high quality HDMI cabled should be used to connect the video source to the capture device. Long HDMI cables, e.g. 15 meter HDMI cable, could degrade the HDMI signal significantly, sometimes lead to black screen on the video capture software.

9. What software and version that is currently in used?

10. Have you tried different USB port?

11. Click link below to download the latest firmware.·

- PRO-CaptureHDaud :

- PRO-CaptureHD :

- PRO-CaptureSDI :

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