HDBaseT HDMI Extenders

gofanco has released a line of HDBaseT HDMI Extenders that deliver powerful audio/video signals and gives consumers a better solution for their AV setups.


What is HDBaseT Technology?

Since its introduction in 2010, HDBaseT has become the de-facto connectivity standard for AV transmission of UHD video & audio, Ethernet, USB, controls, and long-distance transmission over Cat5e/6/7 cables. With HDBaseT technology, we have seen better performance than previous solutions, richer feature sets, and increased reach. The HDBaseT Alliance is a group of industry organizations such as LG, Samsung, and Sony who promote HDBaseT as an industry standard. The foundation of HDBaseT technology is 5Play.


What is 5Play?

HDBaseT is composed of 5 key elements which are:

  • Full HD and Ultra HD video – HDBaseT technology can transmit full uncompressed ultra-HD and 4K video signals, with near zero latency.
  • Power Over Cable (PoC) – HDBaseT will transmit Power Over Cable up to 100W, allowing power from the HDBaseT transmitter to be transmitted via a Cat cable to the receiver unit, thus eliminating the need for a power supply for the receiver.
  • Various Control Signals (IR, RS-232, USB) – HDBaseT delivers control signals from CEC, such as powering on/off and play/stop, to USB/RS232 and IR commands that allow you to operate your source device remotely.
  • Ethernet – Standard 100BaseT Ethernet capabilities include enabling computers, TV’s and other consumer electronic devices to interact with each other.
  • Digital Audio – HDBaseT supports transmission of all digital audio formats including Dolby Digital, Dolby True HD, and DTS master audio.

Benefits of HDBaseT

  • Signal Convergence – HDBaseT provides A/V, Ethernet, USB, controls and power all over a single Cat5e/6/7 cable, this declutters setups, simplifies installations and reduces costs.
  • Performance – This current generation of HDBaseT can deliver up to 4K resolution UHD.
  • USB - The USB extension allows for control of your source PC device remotely with a USB powered keyboard/mouse or interactive touch panel. The high speed USB allows for fast data transfer with near zero latency.
  • Bi-directional IR Control – Extend the IR signals both ways, either from Transmitter (source) to Receiver (sink) or Receiver to Transmitter.
  • RS-232 – Having RS-232 allows for control of source devices remotely and gives you the ability to change the source and display device, channels, volume, brightness and more. Having RS-232 allows for two-way communication between the source device and the device being controlled.
  • Affordability – HDBaseT gives installers a low-cost infrastructure without losing out on performance. Having HDBaseT removes the need for electrical outlets and cables near the RX due to PoC.
  • Versatility – HDBaseT is easily adapted across multiple sectors and is widely used.
Below is a setup of gofanco's PRO-HDbaseT-U

PRO-HDBaseT-U Setup