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I'm having difficulty extracting stereo sound from my HDMI stream. HDMI comes from cable box as Dolby 5.1, goes to my receiver, and then to my TV. I need to have 2ch audio extracted from the HDMI stream, to connect to phono jacks on my whole-house audio system's input. If I set the cable box to output Dolby 5.1, all I get from the extractor is static. However, if I set the cable box to output 2ch, I get signal out of the whole-house audio speakers but no Dolby 5.1 to the receiver. Is there a way to configure the extractor so that it passes through 5.1 to the receiver while outputting 2ch to the house system? Based on the description of the item (preserves HDMI audio while outputting analog audio), it seems like this configuration should be possible. Thank you! (PRO-HDRextract)

Please try the following switches and let me know if it works. MODE 1: - Up/Dn/Up/Up. MODE 2: - Dn/Up/Up/Up. Note: Mode 1 - Pin 1 and 2: Video - Pin 2 and 4 : Audio Mode 2: for extractor only. Please power cycle our box after making changes, if the box is currently powered on.

What is the power adapter tip measurement? (HDExtIP-TX)

Power adapter tip measurement: 2.1mm x 5.5mm size plug: inner diameter=2.1 / outer diamter=5.5

Oculus Rift: It doesn't work with an Oculus Rift due to lack of power to drive an Active IC. (DPHDMIA-4K)

PASSIVE adapters without IC inside should work with an Oculus Rift.

Not showing the whole screen. (HDwirelessMulti)

Go to your TV setting and change it to Fit the Screen

Are the antenna standard SMA connectors? (HDwirelessMulti)


What is the IR cable frequency specs? (HDbaseT)

IR passback frequency 20-60KHz. This applies to all Extenders .

No picture when using Surface 4 (mDPDock)

Has to go display setting and change dp 1.2 to 1.1.monitor displayport version to 1.1 or disable Dispalyport 1.2 on the monitor.

I can not get audio from m6 diretv receiver when using your equipment, video is great, no audio. I was replacing an older unit that worked for years but your new device is not transmitting sound after several reboots and cable checks. (HDwireless200)

The TV HDMI input was set to HDMI 2.0 and changing it to HDMI 1.4 fixed the audio issue.

I purchased a 660ft 1080p Wireless HDMI Extender Kit from Amazon and installed it today. The picture is working great but I'm not getting any sound. I tried reseting the receiver and transmitter and still not getting any sound. (HDwireless200)

The TV HDMI input was set to HDMI 2.0 and changing it to HDMI 1.4 fixed the audio issue.

Had WIN 10 system working properly, networked, on internet OK. On-board network adapter had failed and had long since been disabled in BIOS and installed Gofanco adapter. Microsoft installed WIN 10 1803. Now have no network connection. Removed Gofanco adapter and re-installed. Power light lit, but no action from WIN 10 as to installing driver. Understand something about 1803 has changed many settings, but have tried to make sure all WIN 10. (USB3Gigabit)

1. Click link below to install the driver. 2. Install it into a different USB port. 3. Change ethernet cable. 4. Try a different port from router switch.

Does it works with Wirecast Streaming? (PRO-CaptureHD)

It is compatible. The Wirecast version is v10.0.1

Does it handle ARC over HDMI or does it only break it out to optical? also is the ARC stereo only? (PRO-HDbaseT-U)

ARC is supported through the SPDIF connector. Surround sound up to 7.1ch. If used with the Stereo Out, then it works with Stereo only.

I am interested in using HDMI to DP converter (PRO-HDMI2DP) to be used with Advantech computer ARK-3510L. Will it provide a resolution of 2560x1600 when used with Redhat 6.5?

This product supports up to 4K @60Hz 4:4:4 (8-bit). Just make sure your source and display support your resolution, 2560x1600.

I bought this splitter in order to stream 1080p video to youtube while playing my xbox one x games at 4k. I saw that this splitter was able to do this hence why I bought this splitter. I am currently having issues in regards to my Elgato game capture working. When I wire everything like the directions says, my xbox one x displays perfectly fine on my 4k monitor but does not display on my elgato game capture software. I tried to switch the EDID switches but that did not help. I tried redownloading the elgato software and this did not help either. I disconnected everything and routed everything to through the elgato device just to make sure the Elgato device itself was not malfunctioning and found that it was working perfectly fine so there is something wrong with the prophecy device I bought. Is there a way that this can be fixed so that I can stream 1080p video while simultaneously playing my games in 4k? Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. (PRO-HDMI2DP)

This is a common setup and it should work. There are 3 areas you need to check. 1) Keep all DIP switches up (default position). Power cycle our Splitter everytime you make changes to these EDID switches. 2) On your Xbox One X, uncheck 4:2:2 under Display Settings. 3) If you've launched an HDCP protected app, such as Netflix or Amazon, your Xbox will be HDCP locked and your Elgato won't work. Do a hard shutdown/restart to clear HDCP. Putting your Xbox to sleep won't clear HDCP protection.

Purchased a 4x4 HDMI Matrix 4K via Amazon. Received yesterday and installed. Front power light is on, led A1,B2,C3,D4 are on . I have an Apple TV on input 1, Sony DVD on input 2. TV 1 on output A and TV 2 on output B. No video or audio output, TV's show no signal. Cannot change anything with front buttons or remote control. Installed a RS232 to USB but have not tried to connect, not sure it would do any good. Suggestions? (Matrix44)

Yes, Matrix44. All the device are 1080p. I got matrix working. I had to RS232 communicate into device with laptop, unlock button panel control and reset to default setting. For some reason matrix arrived locked but I was able to connect into it and got it working.

No picture. Has tv cable for source and projector. (Pro-HDExt)

Performed manual EDID. It worked.

Maximum HDMI cable distance for Input and Output? (HDExt4P-Pro)

Our suggestion for all HDMI device 1080p/4K@30 Max 10m 4K@60 Max 5m depend on HDMI cable quality

How much power does the USB connection draw to power this adapter? Does it have to be connected to USB 3.0 port? (HDMIDP)

Under 5V/500mA, USB 2.0 port is enough.

The screens keep blinking (HDMIExt4P)

Press the rest button resolve the issue.

Display do not work after upgrading to High Sierra 10.13. (USB3HDMI)

Have to install latest driver v4.0 to fixed the issue.

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