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  1. One DisplayPort to Multiple Displays: How MST is Changing the Way We Connect External Displays


    With the introduction of new devices with fewer ports, MST has become a beacon of hope for users looking to utilize multiple external monitors in their setups.  DisplayPort v1.2 (introduced in 2009) gives users the ability to utilize MST functionality which was developed by VESA. Being able to view multiple applications is crucial to work productivity and multitasking.  MST allows users to view multiple excel sheets, browser windows and emails through multiple external displays.

    How MST works:


    MST functionality can be used in two different ways: through an MST hub or Daisy-Chaining displays.


    An MST hub configuration utilizes an external MST hub which is connected to a single DisplayP

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  2. CASE STUDY: Wireless HDMI Extending Is Smart Thinking

    Lenovo’s Think Smart Hub 500 promotes collaboration, enables greater flexibility, and efficiency – promoting more productive and enjoyable meetings. Their technical solutions team needed a smart office solution when direct HDMI/DP connection isn’t viable and/or isn’t optimal. The solution needed to be enterprise ready and fairly straightforward to implement.

    Our Wireless HDMI Extender Kit with Dual Antenna 1080p – 165ft (50m) (HDwirelessDual) extends one the so

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  3. CASE STUDY: Multiple Displays Solution for Simons/ Lowe Orthodontics with HDMI Extender Splitter

    CASE STUDY: Simons/ Lowe Orthodontics


    Simons/ Lowe Orthodontics needed to video distribute patient arrivals and departure tracking times between their staff and orthodontists. The staff had to walk to and from each room to communicate status updates because computers were operating in different rooms. The office needed to split one computer source to be displayed in four different rooms.


    gofanco’s Prophecy 4-Port HDMI Splitter over CAT5e/6 with Loopout splits and extends to 1 lo

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